This is my first time to write the blog in English.
Do not laugh at me, because my English so noob…
That is why I get D grade for my English in the SPM, so “paiseh” la (ashamed)

Today I directly buy the ticket at XXX bus stop, RM40 ticket.
(I dont the bus stop name, I not the “Johorian”… )
I buy the the earliest ticket to back KL that is 4pm (now is around 1:45pm)
but I need take the bus at different place that is Sri Putri

When I go to Sri Putri, since the ticket does not plate number
I go to ask the ticket salesman on there, they says there are no bus in 4pm
They need mine to paid more RM5 to solve the problem.
Never mine, since I need back KL la… So the ticket total price is RM45

I get a special bus services today… (sad)

Actually at that time I am not comfortable
Flatulence problem is coming back when I stop to eat medicine (carbimazole) around one month..
Fortunately, the bus driver stopped at the petrol station
I immediately go to vomit (really cant “tahan”) (sick)

The bus driver see my have some cough, so he lets me sleep inside….

I take the bus from 4pm until 11:30pm (7 hours++), normally back to KL will take 3 hours only.
because the bus fever (water temperature too high) (cold)
Stop the bus few times at R&R highway!!

Bad luck in today, when I arrival my KL home already 12:15am jor… (confusion)
Finally, thanks Google Translate, u know de… (excited)
I love you so much ~ GT